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2020 is here, and the world is about to be taken by storm! Our latest ventures has landed some innovative and game changing artist for the future. Welcome Citi Boi Ced, soulfully displaying exquisite Hip Hop mixed with a Raw underground sound. It’s going to be an amazing 2020, with this line up. Look out for Citi Boi Ced, latest single & album coming in 2020 and allot more.

Citi Boi Ced, He’s an artist to tune into for 2020!

Word on the street is that Citi Boi Ced,  is working on a debut EP for the eargaism advid music fans in 2019.

We then asked Citi Boi Ced about the upcoming EP/Album.

“Listen, I don’t know what’s going to happen or how many mix tapes are going to drop or how many we’re going to make. All I know is we’re getting in the studio, working on some mixtape style tracks trying to bond and learn each other’s styles. Get in sync with one another if you will, then we will look over all the tracks we’ve amassed and decide what to do. The mixtapes are in the end for the fans and a warm up to their individual EPs.”

Exciting news to hear!

Citi Boi Ced, virtual listening party coming soon…

Cypha has capitalized on his good friend and NOP team member Mike Dyce to create a new website for Night Owls Promotions. Cypha had the following to say in a press release.

“Myself and Mike Dyce are proud to launch nightowlspromotions.com for all our fans. It will be a site that is mutually beneficial to not only us but our fans as well. It will promote a two way conversation where we can keep them informed with our new developments in social media, and with new recordings and shows, and we can gain feedback from our fans, the ones who matter most.”

When nightowlspromotions.com asked Mike Dyce about his thoughts on the website:

“You know, I think it will be a great tool for NOP. We are working on aggressively expanding into the various social media avenues one at a time. Our first goal is to strengthen our Twitter and Facebook accounts. I myself am admittedly more of a Facebook person but we believe both are essential to our success and growth. We are looking to launch a YouTube Channel by the end of the month. We feel this will allow the fans of T. Chap to follow them as they develop their mix tapes and work on their EPs. But more importantly, nightowlspromotions.com is a place where our fans can come to find out information about our shows.”

We at nightowlspromotions.com believe this is the start of exciting times for the NOP family. Stay tuned and like the Facebook page and follow the Twitter account.