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Adrian Aka Cypha….

Is the original founder of Night Owls Promotions. This was his dream and his idea and his pursuit. Cypha while out on the scene grinding performing in Dallas area clubs met an artist (painting) and writer in Mike Dyce, and a friendship was formed. Mike Dyce was a avid rap fan and like Cypha’s style and Cypha like Mike Dyce’s graffiti art and Night Owls Promotions was formed in 2008 to help them both reach success pursuing their dreams.

Cypha in his career has worked with many local acts in the SouthWest Region, including TChap, Tha Gift, Dizmal B Wreck, Moon Crickett, King Ashoka, Julian, Chyna Man, and Ivan G.  Night Owls Promotions, mainly Cypha has also reached for global success and exposure working with the German sensation DJ Smoke.

While rapping and performing remains Cypha’s true passion, he is content in his new role as producer, manager and executive. Comfortable taking a backseat to his recent signings of T. Chap and Alo Amore, J-Stan and their highly anticipated mix tapes and EPs. Cypha is also mentoring their careers.

Cypha’s Facebook page can be seen here. Like Cypha on Facebook to follow upcoming news on his music, upcoming mix tapes and shows.