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Mike Dyce

Mike Dyce, is a an original member of NOP. Cypha and Dyce were the originators as Cypha pursued his rap career. Dyce has always been the right hand man of NOP’s CEO Cypha.

Mike Dyce is part of the executive back bone of the organization with Cypha making decisions from marketing and promotion, as well as business related decisions.

Mike Dyce grew to fame with the launching of his own blog entitled “Mike Dyce on Sports” which he launched at the beginning of 2012.

Dyce was instrumental in breaking the news on Josh Hamilton’s relapse early in 2012, and that has helped him grow his blog. In 3 short months he has already passed 125,000 page views.

This led to the creation of his Facebook page and Twitter account which are steadily growing. Dyce was also invited to co-host a weekly radio show, you can hear podcasts here.